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The secret to looking great/good is the same as anything else – you need to know yourself, what you do and why you do it!


Body Shape Identification

Let YourStyle calculate your measurements and analyze your body shape simply by moving the pointers/circles to the appropriate locations.

Understand Your Body Shape

The magic begins when you discover your body type. YourStyle will help you to learn your body shape’s characteristics, what to wear, what to bet on and what to avoid.

Start wearing the right clothes for you!

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Get awesome recommendations according to Event Type, Time of Day, and Season.

Feel good and have fun doing it!



Curvy Hourglass girls go in at the middle often with a fuller bust and bottom to contrast with a smaller waist. This is probably the easiest Body Shape to dress. Read more…


If you are bigger around the hips, bottom or tights than you are up top then you are a Triangle! Work that womanly figure with our tips. Read more…

Inverted Triangle

If you are the Inverted Triangle body, you’re pretty in proportion but tend to carry your weight around mid-section without a well-defined waist. Show off your best bits and avoid adding volume around your shoulders and bust. Read more…


You can identify a Oval body shape when the width of the waist is a little bit bigger than the shoulders and hipsIf this is your Body Shape you should disguise your abdominal area by creating a false waist through optical illusion. Read more…


In Rectangle body, women are fairly straight up and down. All you have to do for balance your figure is creating the illusion of a thin waist, with this rule in mind you can wear almost everything! Read more…

Find out more about feminine Body Shapes!

For a more personalized advising don’t forget to download the “YourStyle’s App” so you can always have the perfect clothes for your Body Shape in your hands.


“Knowing the perfect style to my body shape, whatever the ocasion might be, gives me a priceless tool for being always at my best.”
Isabel Santos Ferreira, General Manager at Pick up a Star. Stay There
“People love YourStyle because YourStyle makes us love ourselves.”
Bárbara Santos
“Finally arrives the app YourStyle that is simply fabulous! Always have available an image consultant when more we need it, either in the morning when there are doubts about what to wear and how to adjust to a working day, or when during the day there is an unforeseen event or even for a sudden night out, it’s a brilliant idea that could only come from a brilliant team, professional and high quality.”
Teresa Vendeirinho, Steelcase
“Since I met YourStyle I feel more confident and more secure and a more positive attitude when I have to make choices regarding the different professional, social and personal situations.”
Virginia Pedro
“YourStyle started a unique and pioneering process in Portugal, combining good taste, fashion and common sense in an easy-to-use and very useful application for women and men.”
Emília Alves
“I wanted to renew my image and create a unique personal style, as part of my way of being in life. The study of body shape and the options that I have been presented by YourStyle allowed my identification and won more taste for aspects that made it special for me. YourStyle inspires elegance and help me to be on my inspiration to be a woman and professional I am and want to be.”
Fernanda Pereira
“YourStyle which has a quality and innovative service. The app is a good example; it’s a tool adapted to the new social and digital reality that will revolutionize the contact between customer and image consultant.”
Ines Serrano
“YourStyle comes to make a difference. Innovative, creative and professional are the characteristics that more identify this company. This project reaches out to our lives where we have the right image in a short time, we can do it through a click, it’s fantastic!”
Carla Jorge Ferreira



YourStyle was founded to pursuit the dream of putting a smile on everybody’s face.

YourStyle is a company developing a technologic project focus in the area of Image Consulting. Nowadays, in a demanding society, it is very important for us to project a positive and lasting impression of ourselves to those around us.

At YourStyle, we offer our customers the opportunity to adapt their image so they can maintain their inner values, express their own personality, and feel comfortable, while at the same time, project a positive image to others that will make a difference in both their personal and professional relationships.

We are constantly improving our user experience and making the YourStyle app even more enjoyable and fulfilling. We are also extremely excited to have launched our IOS app, which was built with an entirely new design to ensure our entire community can get the look it wants at a price that fits its needs.

YourStyle’s Team